Saturday, August 30, 2008


When I asked for suggestions on a favorite baby product, several people recommended the swaddler. And I totally agree! When the nurses swaddle your newborn at the hospital, you think it looks easy! And that little burrito isn't going anywhere - at least until you get home and swaddle them yourself! The solution - a swaddle wrap!

I was happy with just the plain old Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe (pictured above) that is available pretty much everywhere - Target, Babies R Us, BabyCenter. It comes in several colors and fabrics and is inexpensive (about $10). You probably want at least two for a newborn (small size).

A friend used the Miracle Blanket for her son who had a really hard time sleeping and swears by it. It holds their arms down much tighter than the SwaddleMe does and claims to "stop colic". That part I can't be convinced of, but it is a nice product. Just a bit more expensive and harder to find. It is $29.95 on the Miracle Blanket website.


Anonymous said...

Whitney just told me about this blog! What a great concept!

We also loved the Kiddapotamus though to varying degrees (Boaz loved it, Gid did not). I am excited to see they are much more hip looking than they were 2 years ago!

Amber Hunter said...

We tried this with our son. We had no luck. He did not like it and we had a hard time getting it tight enough.

We had much better luck with a receiving blanket that was 30x40 inches. It was large enough to get a good tight swaddle. I did not have to worry about getting different sizes.

The ones I LOVE are from Babies-R-Us. The Koala Baby 4 Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets. They are 12.99 and are wonderful. They wash up great - they don't shrink or have the edges fray like some others I had. I have washed the ones from my son, who now is almost 3 and I used them with my daughter who is 1, A LOT and they still feel soft and look new.