Saturday, August 30, 2008


When I asked for suggestions on a favorite baby product, several people recommended the swaddler. And I totally agree! When the nurses swaddle your newborn at the hospital, you think it looks easy! And that little burrito isn't going anywhere - at least until you get home and swaddle them yourself! The solution - a swaddle wrap!

I was happy with just the plain old Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe (pictured above) that is available pretty much everywhere - Target, Babies R Us, BabyCenter. It comes in several colors and fabrics and is inexpensive (about $10). You probably want at least two for a newborn (small size).

A friend used the Miracle Blanket for her son who had a really hard time sleeping and swears by it. It holds their arms down much tighter than the SwaddleMe does and claims to "stop colic". That part I can't be convinced of, but it is a nice product. Just a bit more expensive and harder to find. It is $29.95 on the Miracle Blanket website.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convertible Car Seat

I had somebody ask for my advice on a convertible car seat tonight. I love this question because it has probably been my most debated baby gear decision thus far in the game. I ended up buying a Britax Roundabout (actually my insurance company bought it but that is another story). This is after I asked all my friends who had kids bigger than me, did a church wide post on the church website, purchased and returned a Britax Marathon and picked up every car seat I could get my hands on. And still, if I could do it over again I would have chose something different. Not because I don't love my Roundabout, I do. There is nothing I don't love about it, except for the crumbs Charlie leaves all over it.

Could I do it again, I would have bought the Sunshine Kids Radian for the following reasons that I think it would suit our need better than a Britax:
- It folds up. Talk about convenience when traveling!
- You can fit three in the backseat of an average size vehicle without a problem
- The weight limit is higher than the Roundabout yet it is still a manageable size (which, I didn't feel the Marathon was). You can choose a 65 or 80 lb limit.
-The price is a bit less than the Britax

That being said, everybody's needs are different. I will likely (hopefully!) need to fit three car seats in the back of my wagon someday and I have a big boy who may need a bigger car seat before a sibling is ready for the Roundabout.

When I purchased the Britax the best deal I found was on Best Buy Baby. It is good to check from day to day however depending on who has a good coupon or free shipping. I rarely pay shipping and never pay tax on these types of online purchases. Let me know if you need help finding the lowest price on a Radian.

Also, let me know if you have any other questions on car seats. I spent a lot of time and energy researching this so I may be able to direct you towards a good article, link or product!
**I received a comment questioning the safety of the Radian. As a disclaimer, I must say you need to research this decsion on your own and decide what is safest for you family. We use the Latch system and I feel confident from my research that this is a very safe car seat for that setup. is a good site with a ton of information.
Other sites I found helpful:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Briefcase

Is your baby paperwork laying in a pile on your desk looking for a home? I have a large pile of Charlie's paperwork I can't throw away but have no idea how to organize! My dear friend Jentry, mother of adorable twin girls, introduced me to the Baby Briefcase. It is pretty much $29.95 anywhere you find it. You can get it with no tax or shipping on the Organized From the Start website. Maybe someday I'll get around to getting Charlie's name spelled right on his birth certificate and Social Security card also. Poor kiddo got an extra space in his last name.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kidco PeaPod Travel Bed

My friend Jessie who is actually more baby product savvy than I found this baby gear must have. I must admit, I don't actually have it. But, I have borrowed it and I love the idea of it. There is nothing more ridiculous than a pack n' play because of its weight. Yes, I have one that I do use on a regular basis. But I only use it because I can't justify buying the Peapod when I already have a functioning portable crib. I just didn't know there was anything else out there when I started this baby gear adventure almost two years ago. The Peapod is a better option because it is (obviously) lighter. easier to travel with and really just more fun (don't you think?). If you have the Peapod you could be as happy at the people in this picture (which I find funny on several different levels). I've never really needed a tent for my baby in the park, but I have needed one to take on an airplane for a vacation. As of this post, the best price I found was on Albee Baby for $48.99 with no tax in most states. If you spend $100 you also get free shipping.

The only thing out there that might be better is the Phil and Teds traveller which collapses to six pounds and isn't quite as restrictive to a larger child. However, it is more expensive. And, I've never actually used it. But someday perhaps I will and can review it here if I do. Like I've said, I love pretty much anything Phil & Teds makes.

What is your favorite baby product?

Tell me and I just may add it to the blog! Thanks for helping me get started!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boon Frog Pod

I registered for the Boon Frog Pod because it was cute. I had no idea how functional it would be! If you are going to have bath toys, you must have this! It is the easiest, cutest way to store your bath toys and it hangs very easily! Buy it anywhere they have baby gear. I got mine off my Target registry when I was pregnant with Charlie.


After going through about a million disposable breast pads I found Lilypadz and never went back. They are economical, easy to wash and so much more comfortable and fashionable then icky disposable pads. They conform to you so you can't tell you are wearing a pad. You can even wear them to bed with no bra! I do have a friend who made so much milk she couldn't wear them but everybody else I know who uses them, loves them! If you are breastfeeding your babe, get a set or two today! I got mine on Ebay but you can get them at Target also.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Phil and Teds Metoo Highchair

After begging my husband for this highchair for about two months he finally saw a need for it when we went out to dinner and just like Houdini, Charlie escaped out of the standard issue wood highchair and made a beeline for the door. So, it is now the newest addition to our family of baby gear. This will be my third highchair. It's too bad I didn't have this blog to read or I could have just started with it in the first place. Love it! It folds down to a two pound little sqaure and can just be thrown in your diaper bag or stroller!!

The best price I found on the Phil & Teds Metoo was at Babycenter - I used a free shipping code and for $49.99 it was better than picking it up locally and paying tax or buying it from a cheaper retailer who charged shipping. You must know that I always get the best price, even if it takes a couple hours of research. Your only better option is if you have a great coupon at Land of Nod perhaps or you buy it on Ebay. I was feeling impatient and irritated with Ebay this week so avoided that route.

Phil & Teds is one of my very favorite baby brands at the moment so you will be sure to see more from them here soon.