Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Briefcase

Is your baby paperwork laying in a pile on your desk looking for a home? I have a large pile of Charlie's paperwork I can't throw away but have no idea how to organize! My dear friend Jentry, mother of adorable twin girls, introduced me to the Baby Briefcase. It is pretty much $29.95 anywhere you find it. You can get it with no tax or shipping on the Organized From the Start website. Maybe someday I'll get around to getting Charlie's name spelled right on his birth certificate and Social Security card also. Poor kiddo got an extra space in his last name.


Whitney said...

I may not have babies, but I also have friends that do...I am going to link this on my blog.

The Hunter Family said...

Any suggestions on a good convertible car seat? We're trying to decide between the Britax Marathon or Britax Roundabout. I'm open to other brand suggestions too.

Joe and Gina said...

I agree! I got this as a shower gift and wasn't too sure at first. Once my pile of paperwork started piling up I was so happy to have the briefcase!