Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kidco PeaPod Travel Bed

My friend Jessie who is actually more baby product savvy than I found this baby gear must have. I must admit, I don't actually have it. But, I have borrowed it and I love the idea of it. There is nothing more ridiculous than a pack n' play because of its weight. Yes, I have one that I do use on a regular basis. But I only use it because I can't justify buying the Peapod when I already have a functioning portable crib. I just didn't know there was anything else out there when I started this baby gear adventure almost two years ago. The Peapod is a better option because it is (obviously) lighter. easier to travel with and really just more fun (don't you think?). If you have the Peapod you could be as happy at the people in this picture (which I find funny on several different levels). I've never really needed a tent for my baby in the park, but I have needed one to take on an airplane for a vacation. As of this post, the best price I found was on Albee Baby for $48.99 with no tax in most states. If you spend $100 you also get free shipping.

The only thing out there that might be better is the Phil and Teds traveller which collapses to six pounds and isn't quite as restrictive to a larger child. However, it is more expensive. And, I've never actually used it. But someday perhaps I will and can review it here if I do. Like I've said, I love pretty much anything Phil & Teds makes.


The Hansen Family said...

We just used our PeaPod for the first time this past week. We took the babe on a week long adventure to meet all of our friends and family and we loved this! It folds up so small, about 12"x12". This includes the case, PeaPod, inflatable mattress, hand pump and a sleep mat. It doesn't take up much space where ever you decide to put it and it folds up super easy as it is all one piece. Totally recommend this!

Village Baby, NYC said...

actually, we had quite a bad experience with the PeaPod. I got so excited about it at first- it was easy to travel with and to install and my daughter slept in it just fine. However, when we were getting ready to leave it was impossible to fold the pod and the air took forever to get out of the mat. So much so that we had to leave the pod behind at our friends' place. Very disappointing.