Friday, April 3, 2009

Swaddle Designs Receiving Blanket

We received the Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blanket as a gift for our little girl (thanks Aunt Lizzy) and it has gotten a ton of use the last two weeks! We have had lots of receiving blankets for both kids including the Swaddleme which I reviewed here. Della is too small for the Swaddleme right now so we have been using the Swaddle Designs and the Target Dwell Studio brand (which are our second favorite swaddle blankets). This one is our favorite though for the following reasons:

-It is huge and has enough fabric to actually keep her wiggly arms down
-There are instructions on the tag on how to swaddle - good for grandparents and second time parents who forgot how (like us!)
-The fabric is great and washes up beautifully
-They are super cute

Swaddle Designs
is a great brand of simple and cozy baby products. Charlie couldn't live without his Fuzzy Baby Lovie which he calls "baby".

The lovey and receiving blanket are available at Land of Nod, Target and Nordstrom. My sweet sister Whitney works at Nordstrom and would be happy to hook you up with these great items! Email me and I'll get you her number!

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