Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz

We have started using cloth diapers thanks to my wonderful friend Kim, who let us borrow a ton of diapers to give them a try. So, thus far I have tried Fuzzi Bunz, Bumgenius and Indian prefolds with a Litewrap cover. And, the winner is... Fuzzi Bunz! Hands down it is the easiest to use and the best for Charlie's little bum. The only drawback is they are probably one of the most expensive ways to cloth diaper your baby. And because one of our main reasons for going this route is to save money, I am having to get creative to buy the Fuzzi Bunz. I have purchased 11 on Craig's List for $7 each (including inserts) and two on Ebay for $10 each (including inserts). I you purchase them brand new they are about $18. They are available as seconds for about $14 but this doesn't include an insert.

Why do I love Fuzzi Bunz?
1) The snaps seem easier to use then velcro
2) They are so easy to use, that even grandmas don't complain!
3) Because they come in different sizes they seem to be a better fit than the one size fits all
4) They are much better at night than a prefold/cover combo
5) They aren't nearly as bulky as prefolds
6) The colors they come in are fabulous
7) Charlie's little bum is as cute as can be in them

I do have one disclaimer, I will be using these for Charlie and using bumgenius 3.0's for Della. This is mainly to save costs. The bumgenius work great also but because they are one size Della should be able to wear them until she fits into Charlie's large Fuzzi Bunz and I won't have to purchase a third set of diapers.

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