Monday, November 24, 2008

Tot Lok

We had a babyproofing (or lack of babyproofing) incident this week when Charlie decided to suck on a dishwasher gel tablet and I found him with blue soap oozing out of his mouth. I haven't quite gotten around to babyproofing (actually toddler proofing) the new kitchen cabinets so I need to get on that. My favorite cabinet lock is the Tot Lok made by Safety 1st. I discovered this when we moved into our house last year and the previous owner had one on the bathroom cabinet. It uses a magnet to open up the door. My favorite part though is when you don't need it you can just flip a switch and turn it off.

Disclaimers -
1) Grandparents don't seem to understand how it works.
2) It scratched the paint a bit on our really old, yucky white cabinet, along with everything else that touches it.
3) If you lose the magnet you can be in a bit of a predicament.

You can purchase a four lock set at BabyCenter.

If you talk to me this week, remind me to babyproof!

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