Thursday, September 11, 2008

Phil and Teds Sport Double Stroller

Coming to a mailbox near me...a new stroller! After months and months of debate on if this stroller is worth the investment, we are about to be the proud new owners of a Phil and Teds Sport double! Although we really won't need it for a while, it was too good of a deal to pass up. And, I can use it as a single until the new baby arrives.

Things I love about the Phil and Teds Strollers:
1) It is setup for one or two kids, depending on if you use the attachment or not.
2) Both seats recline in the Sport model
3) The resale is great.
4) Everybody I know who has one, loves it.
5) It fits two newborns, two toddlers, a newborn and a toddler, however you want to do it and fits kids up to 55 pounds!!
6) You can latch an infant car seat into it with an adaptor.
7) It is the size of a smaller size single jogger, yet fits two children!
8) It fits nicely in the back of my Volvo wagon.
9) The swivel front wheel is the only way to go on a jogger.
And those are just the ones that popped in to my mind. There are lots more!

Reasons I felt it was worth purchasing:
1) I got an awesome deal. Honestly, I could resell it used in a year for about the same price I purchased it at. The good news is I won't have to sell it in a year because it should last for several years and as many kids as we have!
2) I can sell my old strollers to cover about 1/3 of the cost.
3) We use the stroller almost every day so we will definitely need a double with two kiddos 22 months apart. I could have gotten a cheaper one but it wouldn't have been as functional and really, not that much cheaper.
4) I am probably going to be babysitting another kiddo Charlie's age until the end of February. This way the three of us can leave the house without me losing my sanity and those sweet little boys running into traffic.
5) I hadn't spent my birthday money yet.

So mommies and daddies, learn your lesson from me! Before you buy three strollers trying to find just the right one, just shell out the dough for the Phil and Teds single with your first child and buy the double kit when #2 comes along. You will save money, hassle and garage space in the long run.

I found the best price at Pish Posh Baby - $459 with no shipping or taxes. I have been watching the prices for several months. Normally this stroller is $509 for the double set up and this was the best deal I have seen around. However, I think I got the last one! But if you do choose to shop from Pish Posh Baby, you can use the coupon code Save5 to get 5% off also.

Just a few of the online retailers that carry Phil & Teds strollers are:
Baby Center
Right Start
Baby Ant
Albee Baby

Check everywhere (Google and Yahoo shopping, and major search engines) before you purchase and don't forget to search for coupon codes for the retailers you are looking in to purchasing from. And, as always, never pay shipping or tax! Let me know if you need help finding a deal!


The Hunter Family said...

This stroller looks so cool. Much better than one of those double-wides. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Babology said...

The Phil & teds sport stroller is def one of my favorites! I have tried the "double wide strollers" and they just don't fit me as well... sometimes I take my 2 daughters but sometimes I am just using the single so this stroller works out great

Jess said...

BEWARE ALL MOMS! The people at pish posh baby are so rude and obnoxious when you FINALLY get them on the phone, they NEVER answer. They are not helpful at all. is the worst place to buy anything since they yell at you when you call. When you finally talk to someone on the phone, they are so condescending and offensive. I asked a couple questions about a stroller I wanted to buy and they told me to figure it out myself and that they only answer CERTAIN questions on the phone. He basically talked to me like I was an complete idiot. Will be looking elsewhere for my next big purchase.

AR said...

I had a bad shopping experience at PishPoshbaby, too. It took forever and the phone customer service was pretty awful. However, I got a sport stroller with free doubles kit for $420/free shipping so I'm not complaining too much.

Cristy said...

I have been fan of Phil & Teds for over 5 years. I have seen it all. Just want give parents heads up. Phil & Teds are hosting a Free Party June 9th, 2009 with store Buggy Unlimited at the AZ golf resort. Check out webiste for details. I heard that they are giving away free phil & teds strollers and products! Pretty Cool!

eBabyPlace said...

I work for and phil & teds strollers are great! They sell like hotcakes.

People can find the full line of these strollers as well as other great items at great prices at

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The Titmi said...

I just had the BEST experience with PISHPOSHBABY!! I emailed a price match and not only did they go lower but they gave it to me on a better stroller. I just got the super cool Black Phil and Ted's Dash for $525 when it is normally $649 EVERYWHERE else. Yea!!