Friday, October 24, 2008

Trumpette Baby Socks

My favorite socks in the world for baby are Trumpette. First of all,they are adorable and since baby shoes are pointless (with the exception of Robeez) they actually keep babies toesies warm and fashionable. The best part about Trumpette socks, however, is that they actually stay on babies feet. I really haven't found any other brands that do until those little fat feet fill out.

I would love to hear whatever socks and shoes you love for baby! And which ones stay on!

You can purchase Trumpette socks and Robeez at BabyCenter Store.


Kelsey & Pat said...

I totally agree! You got these socks for Tatum and I just love them because they are adorable and they STAY ON!

Joe and Gina said...

I love the trumpetts as well... Hailey has a set of cankles on her like you wouldn't believe and these socks always seem to find their way to her heals, just on the verge of falling off but they manage to 'hang' on. For a more basic sock I've found that Circo from Target work great - they never fall off. They are basic white but the cuff on them are colored; some have the traction on the bottoms. I believe they come in packs of 4 and are super cheap.